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    Rice Dishes   Noodles / Pasta   Soup  
    Vegetable Fried Rice (Basmathie)   Vegetable Fried noodles   Vegetable Soup (cream)  
    Steamed Rice (Basmathie)   Egg Fried Noodles   Chicken & Sweet Corn Soup  
    Chicken Fried Rice   Chicken Fried Noodles   Prawns Tom Yum Soup  
    Herbal Rice   Seafood Fried noodles   Sweet Corn Vegetable Soup  
    Egg Fried Rice   Chilli Spaghetti   Chicken Soup  
    Nasi Goreng Rice   Spaghetti Bolognaise   Black Mushroom Soup  
    Sea Food Chopsuey Rice   Spaghetti with Fresh Basil Pasta Sauce   Chicken Noodles Soup  
    Prawns Fried Rice   Sea Food Macaroni      
    Chicken Biriyani   Spaghetti Carbonara      
    Mix Fried Rice   Mix Noodles      
    Mongolian Rice   Vegetable Vermicelli      
    Sea Food Rice   Egg Vermicelli      
    Chicken Chopsuey Rice   Chicken Vermicelli      
    Mutton Biriyani   Mix Vermicelli      
    Vegetable Biriyani   Seafood Vermicelli      
    Garlic Rice   Vegetable Pasta      
        Chicken Pasta      
        Seafood Pasta      
        Baked Macaroni with Cheese      
        Baked Macaroni with Chicken      
        Baked Macaroni with Seafood      
        Baked Macaroni Mixed      
    Vegetable Dishes   Seafood Dishes   Pork Dishes  
    Vegetable Chopsuye   Sea Fish Devilled (300 g)   Pork Devilled (300 g)


    Hot Buttered Mushroom   Thalapath Devilled (300 g)   Honey Pork (300g)  
    Garlic Kankung   Cuttlefish Devilled (300 g)   Pork Chops (300g)  
    Vegetable Tempura   Hot Butter Cuttlefish (300 g)   Sizzling Pork(500g)  
    Wok Fried Vegetable   Crispy Sesame Prawns (200 g)   Sweet & Sour Pork (300 g)  
    Devilled Bean Curd   Battered Handella With Thai Sauce (200 g)   Pork with Kankung (300 g)  
    French Fries (250g)   Steamed Fish Thai Style (300 g)   Black Pepper Pork (300g)  
    Fried Baby Corn in Hot Butter Sauce   Sweet & Sour Cuttlefish   Pork Stew (300g)  
    Boiled Vegetables   Fried Cuttlefish With Thai Sauce   Fried Pork  
    Hot Batter Coli Flower   Sweet & Sour Prawns (200g)      
    Garlic Beans   Hot Battered Prawns      
    Potato Wedges (250g)   Batter Prawns      
    Fried Cashew (200g)   Fried Prawns (200g)      
    Vegetable Sweet & Sour   Fish Masala (300g)      
    Battered Fried Vegetable With Tatar Sauce   Fish And Tomato Masala      
    Steamed Vegetable   Fish Kebab (300g)      
        Crumbed Fried Seer Fish      
        Fish Fingers With Tarter Sauce (300g)      
        Fried Fish With Thai Sauce (300g)      
        Fish And Chips      
        Seafood Chopsuey      
        Crabs Curry      
        Prawns Devilled (200g)      
    Chicken Dishes   Beef Dishes   Mutton Dishes  
    Chili Chicken With Cashew Nut (300 g)   Beef Devilled   Mutton Deviled (200g)  
    Devilled Chicken (300 g)   Beef Black pepper   Black Pepper Mutton (200g)  
    Sweet & Sour Chicken (300 g)   Beef Stake   Mutton Curry  
    Spicy Chicken (300 g)          
    Grilled Chicken (300 g)          
    Orange Baked Chicken (300 g)          
    Chicken Black Pepper (300 g)          
    Sizzling Chicken (1 kg)          
    Crispy Chicken (300g)          
    Chicken Masala          
    Chicken Stew          
    Chicken with Hot Garlic Sauce          
    Chicken Koma          
    Orange Chicken          
    Chicken Chopsuey Rice          
    Crispy Lolipop Chicken Winglet          
    Fried Chicken          
    Lamb Dishes   Snacks   Fruit Juice  
    Grill Lamb   Vegetable Sandwich With French Fries   Papaya Juice (250g)  
    Lamb Chops   Cheese Sandwich With French Fries   Orange Juice (03No's)  
        Egg Sandwich With French Fries   Pineapple Juice (250g)  
        Tuna Sandwich With French Fries   Mixed Fruit Juice (250g)  
        Chicken Sandwich With French Fries   Lemon Juice (03 No's)  
        Club Sandwich With French Fries   Melon Juice (250g)  
        Cheese & Tomato Sandwich With French Fries   Banana Milkshake  
        Fish & Chips (300g)   Chocolate Milkshake  
        French Fries (250g) / Potato Wedges (250g)   Vanilla Milkshake  
        Fried Cashew (200g)   Strawberry Milkshake  
    Salads   Desserts   Bar Snacks & Bites  
    Coleslaw Salad   Ice Cream (02 Scoops) (Vanilla, Chocolate, Strawberry)   Roasted Chicken  
    Green Salad   Watalappan   Chicken Kebab  
    Greek Salad   Fresh Fruit   Ginger Chicken Wings  
    Caesar Salad   Fruit Salad   Pork Deviled  
    Sea Food Salad   Fruit Salad with Ice Cream   Mutton Deviled  
    Thai Salad   Chocolate chips with Ice Cream   Beef Spicy Deviled  
    Fresh Tomato Cucumber With Thai Sauce   Cream Caramel   Galley Special Mix Grill  
     Mustard Egg Salad       Fish Finger Mix Grill  
     Mix Salad       Fish Deviled  
            Crispy Buttered Handballs Thai Sauce  
            Crispy Buttered Cuttlefish Thai Sauce  
            Crispy Buttered Prawns Thai Sauce  
            French Fries  
            Potato Wages  
            Fresh Vegetable with Mayonnaises  
            Garlic Deviled  
            Mix Vegetable Pakora  
            Prawns Omelet  
            Savory Omelet  
            Baked Handalla  
            Cheese Omelet  
            Plain Omelet  
    Beer & Soft Drinks Wines Liquor / Cocktails
    Carlsberg Cinzano Brandy, Alexandra
    Lion Lager Martini Rossi Cognac, Crème de Coco, Fresh Cream Garnish Nutmeg and served in Martini Glass
    Heinken Carlo Rossi  
    Corona Pearly Bay Apple Tini
    Three Coins Sparkline Wine PremiumVodka, Apple Juice
    Red Bull   Garnish Green Apple In Martina Glass
    Coca Cola   Bloody Mary
    Ginger Ale   Vodka, Tomato Juice, Tabasco Sauc
    Soda   Co/Sauce
    Cream Soda   Salt& Lime, Garnish Black Pepper, Celery Stick in Long Glass
    Lemonade   Dry Martini
    Portello   Dry Gin, Dry Vermouth
    Ginger Beer   Garnish Green Oliver in Martini Glass
    Orange Crush   Gin &lt
        Gin, Sweet Vermouth
        Garnish Green Olives in Martini Glass
        Tequila, Triple sec, Lime Juice, Garnish Salt in Margarita Glass
        Arrack Punch
        Old Arrack Passion Juice, Garnish Pine Apple in Long Glass
        Whisky sour
        Scotch,Fresh Lime Juice, Soda, sugar Syrup Garnish Slice apple of Lime in Old Fashioned Glass
        Pinecolada White Rum, MalibuRum, Coconut Milk, Pineapple Juice, Garnish, Pineapple Slice in Long Glass
    Foreign Liquor Local Liquor
    Black Label Old Arrack
    Chives Regal Old Reserve
    Jack Daniel Dry Gin
    Beefeater Gin Lemon Gin
    Absolute Vodka Red Rum
    Finiandia White Rum
    Finiandia Brandy Franklin
    Heennasy Brandy Behave
    Bombay Sapphire  
    Triple Sec